An ordinary cross country trip becomes an odyssey when a driver and her dog continue to see the number 10.



A quirky and fun, sometimes overly serious and introspective “Driver” played by Mare Costello is in the middle of nowhere and somewhere.  Our journey begins when a gratitude list reveals dissatisfaction, frustration and hopelessness.  We are then catapulted into a cross country ride where the “Driver” and her bouncy, Terrier mix rescue dog “Dog” played by newcomer Skittles, join forces to get to a place of enlightenment by way of bazaar introspection, wild twists, beautiful vistas and humor.

"Driver" played by Mare Costello

"Driver" played by Mare Costello

"Dog" played by Skittles

"Dog" played by Skittles

The 10th RIDE will be shot in an improvised and minimalist fashion without a script, casting while in transit, and filmed in stark beautiful black and white with music to suit.  Footage from nine other cross country trips will be utilized in this adventure, as this will be Costello's 10th ride across the United States.

We hope to  capture the heart and soul of our audience for one hour and forty five minutes, transporting them into a altered reality of optimism and wonder which lingers for days.  We hope our “Driver’s” spirit and determination to get out of a soul rut, pack up and dive into the unknown is transformative.  We hope that the relationship between the “Driver” and “Dog” illuminates the importance of the human and canine connection.

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The Car

We are currently casting one of our stars, the car.  We have decided the Ford Focus 2000-2010 (white, grey, silver or gold) hatchback is our vehicle of choice.  With it's style, economy and reliability it's the one we want!  This is a "cross country" movie and the Focus will be driven the entire way so it must be mechanically sound with low miles.  We'd love to hear from you here.

Mare was once the proud owner of a 2004 Ford Focus ZX3 seen here on the left with a buddy in Detroit.

Mare was once the proud owner of a 2004 Ford Focus ZX3 seen here on the left with a buddy in Detroit.

Our Budget by Due Dates

Let's get this car moving and those dogs barking! {UPDATED EVERY DAY}

Let's get this car moving and those dogs barking! {UPDATED EVERY DAY}